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CNN’s Journey to Sera: A Technological Showcase of Wildlife Conservation

How real-time data is helping to save rhinos in Kenya.

Behind the scenes shot of CNN filming EarthRanger's Dr. Jake Wall. Photo courtesy Beverly Kansteiner.

In March, CNN journalists visited Kenya, where EarthRanger hosted their journalists in Lewa and Sera Wildlife Conservancies. Supported by our partners, Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), this press trip showcased how the teams on the ground use the platform to monitor endangered and threatened species, with a particular on rhinos.

At Sera Wildlife Conservancy, the CNN team witnessed a critical step in ensuring the future of white rhinos: their reintroduction back into the places they once thrived. By providing real-time data visualization along with other features such as geofence and immobility alerts, EarthRanger empowers conservationists to monitor the movements and health of these translocated animals closely. This information helps them quickly address any threats and optimize the reintroduction of these iconic animals in their historical habitat.

Every second counts. Rangers provide critical care to a rhino in need. Photo courtesy Beverly Kansteiner

 During their trip, the team on the ground spotted a rhino in need of care. This offered the CNN team a firsthand look at conservationists in action. Concerned about the rhino's well-being, but cautious not to disrupt it further, the vet used EarthRanger to review the past hours of its movements. The data revealed the rhino had barely moved, suggesting its condition might be worsening. Intervening to administer medical treatment, this incident underscored the role of technology in assisting those on the ground. Thankfully, the emergency intervention brought much-needed relief to the rhino, potentially saving its life.

EarthRanger’s Jake Wall shared insights into the tool's development and evolution. Initially created to address the elephant poaching crisis, the technology has now expanded its reach globally. Operating in 70 countries, EarthRanger tracks around 9,000 animals, providing invaluable data that aids in preserving numerous species.

EarthRanger's Jake Wall with a ranger at Lewa Conservancy. Their EarthRanger dashboard is on the screen behind them. Photo courtesy Beverly Kansteiner.

This press trip underscored the critical importance of integrating technology with conservation efforts. The collaboration between EarthRanger and conservation organizations like the NRT exemplifies how innovative solutions can enhance the protection and management of wildlife. This technology-driven approach, combining data analytics and conservation tools, harnesses the power of data to guide vital conservation efforts.  Ultimately, success hinges on the tireless work of conservationists who utilize these tools to protect our planet's wildlife.

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