What is EarthRanger?

EarthRanger is a software solution that aids protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists in making more informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation. Our solution collects, integrates and displays all historical and real-time remote sensing data available and combines it with reports from the field to provide one unified view of collared wildlife, field observations, rangers, enforcement assets, and infrastructure within a protected area. The visualized data are analyzed by operational teams and scientists to track and study animal movements, identify and respond to potential threats, and understand ecological changes.

What is the intended use of EarthRanger?

EarthRanger was designed with conservation and technology partners for those interested in security, resolution of human wildlife conflict, and ecological monitoring in forest, savanna, or plains landscapes. In particular, EarthRanger can be used by protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists to monitor overall activity in their landscapes, wildlife movement, and identify potential threats.

What does the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) do?

AI2 conducts high-impact research and engineering in the field of artificial intelligence, all for the common good. Founded in 2014, AI2 is the creation of philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. AI2 employs a diverse team of over 150 top-notch researchers and engineers from around the world, taking a results-oriented approach to complex challenges across several important domains of AI.

To learn more about AI2's work, visit allenai.org.

How do I get started?

To begin working with EarthRanger, contact us at info@earthranger.com or request a demo by completing an online form on the EarthRanger website.

What other technology solutions or data are integrated with EarthRanger?

The EarthRanger team is continuously working with other technology organizations to expand our community. Integrations with standard GIS tools allow you to leverage your existing data and to analyze the data from EarthRanger. A generous grant from Tableau enables further reporting and data sharing with key stakeholders or funding partners.

How does EarthRanger secure user data?

EarthRanger is built with data security at its core. The software stores and transmits all data securely, and EarthRanger is built on top of the industry’s most rigorous security standards. We also conduct regular security audits. Further, all data logged into EarthRanger is completely owned by the end user. Please see here for a more detailed description of our privacy policies.

Are there any costs to use EarthRanger?

There is no cost for EarthRanger software. EarthRanger is part of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence’s commitment to offer technology solutions to help protected areas monitor and safeguard the world’s wildlife and their habitats.

What is necessary to start using EarthRanger?

EarthRanger is hosted in the cloud. All that is required to use it is an internet connection. It can be viewed on a big screen running the Chrome browser in an operations center, on a tablet or on a phone. Data collected from the field using mobile applications, Cybertracker, EarthRanger Track, and the Save the Elephants app, can be viewed and linked to EarthRanger.