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EarthRanger is a software solution that aids protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists in making more informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation.

Protected areas are vast expanses of land with wildlife facing threats of deforestation, community encroachment, poaching, climate change, and illegal trading of wildlife. It’s vital for protected area managers to be able to monitor wildlife and their natural habitats in real-time.

EarthRanger collects, integrates, and displays all historical and available remote sensing data available and combines it with reports from the field to provide one unified view of collared wildlife, rangers, enforcement assets, and infrastructure within a protected area.

Our solution is very effective at monitoring and studying wildlife movement across ecosystems, ranging from very specific areas to continent-wide migrations.

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EarthRanger is a powerful protected area management solution for:

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Provide a force multiplier for security operations
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Ecological Management

Support and monitor the health of your ecosystem and wildlife behavior
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Human Wildlife Conflict

Promote sustainable coexistence with wildlife


The whole operation was a great success, thanks to the ability of [EarthRanger] to coordinate the ranger movements in a simple and visual way. We couldn't have done this before.
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya
EarthRanger has given us a far greater understanding of our area. It has already helped us to coordinate rangers’ activities more effectively and improve our monitoring and reporting.
—Marija Krnjajić, team leader
Velebit Mountains, Croatia
pack of bears
Our top commanders now use [EarthRanger] and appreciate the holistic view of trackable assets. I am able to check the location of our units and their movement—anytime and anywhere.
North Luangwa National Park, Zambia
North Luangwa
[EarthRanger] has significantly improved the capture and recording of key incidents and field data. This has vastly improved our spatial awareness of our assets… and has greatly enhanced the management and coordination of field operations.
Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi
Since implementing [EarthRanger], day to day operations have seen a big shift. The park's daily 7:00am meetings to cover incidents in the last 24 hours are much more efficient.
Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe
An incredibly effective tool… Easy to use, all in one system revolutionizing the way we manage the park.
—Director of Security
Liwonde National Park, Malawi
An incredibly effective tool… Easy to use, all in one system revolutionizing the way we manage the park.
—Director of Security
Liwonde National Park, Malawi

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